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Your road to the Distributed Ledger Technology begins here...
We offer 360 DLT services, from consultation to development
STO(ICO) Consultation

We can help you set up your STO/ICO and assist you with all that you need, from pre-ICO to post-ICO/tokenization stage.

Blockchain Solutions

We will support you through the whole product life cycle, from conception to implementation to maintenance. Be it an ICO, MVP or a bespoke project, come and talk to us to see how you can turn your vision into a reality.

Consultation on Blockchain adoption

If you already have an existing business and would like to adopt it on the blockchain, we are the people you want to talk to.

Our Services

We are idea-driven, working with a strong focus on design and user experience. Our projects should engage your audience, we want to create wonderful digital things that people love to be part of and use.

We will build your DLT product

We can turn your ideas into a tangible, functional DLT business. We have the experience and the expertise to make this possible and get you on your way to embarking on your adventure.

Full STO consultation and implementation

We will assist you all the way from the pre-ico/sto up until post-ico/sto stage/tokenization stage using our unique proprietary platform.

Enterprise Blockchain adoption

If you already have an existing business and would like to adopt it on the blockchain, ask us how could it be done and how you can streamline your business.


We provide bullet proof secure application by adopting strong identification and authentication measures through the use of IOT, Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence

Professional ICO creation and Tokenization
Bespoke solutions that give you maximum flexibility
Our mission is to provide clear and honest guidelines, specific to our clients’ projects, increasing the success rate.

We strive to live up to our core values

Honesty - Integrity - Passion - Excellence - Execution

These are the core values we uphold to their highest regard. We strive to deliver excellence whilst being straightforward and transparent.

We are in this because we truly believe these technologies will bring about a better and a fairer world, and we also believe that from the love of doing something, comes great passion.


Discuss the Idea

We will assess your idea and provide you with flexible and practical solutions, that can be implemented. Set up a meeting with us today to get started!



We will analyze your needs and we will come up with a working solution, together with a very competitive price plan. Ask us about our startup accelerator program!



We will get all the paperwork sorted out for you as to make it as seamless as possible for you. Be ahead of the pack! Ask us about our smart contract options.


Action and Delivery

We will work tirelessly to deliver our promise to an agreed timeline. We will build, test and implement your project using our top standards of quality

Meet the team

Our team brings a unique mix of skills and experience best suited to your needs.

Loui Mercieca
Co-Founder, Director, CEO

Loui Mercieca is a technical advisor, developer and trainer on Blockchain and Emerging Technologies. He is also a member of the National Blockchain Strategy Taskforce, acting as a technical Blockchain advisor for the Government of Malta.  Loui is actively involved in workshops, seminars, conferences and training on Blockchain technology.  Loui has over 12 years experience in the IT Industry.

Sharlene Micallef
Co-Founder, Director

Sharlene has over a decade of experience in the software industry. Sharlene oversees the administrative operations and has strong expertise in quality assurance, technical support and SQL reporting and data management.

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